Frank Family Carneros Chardonnay

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Brand : Frank Family Vineyards
Region : Carneros
Vintage : Current Release
Varietal : White Wine, Chardonnay
Taste : Medium Body

Frank Family Carneros Chardonnay 750ml

It’s no wonder that Rich Frank, one of Hollywood’s most creative, vibrant and ingenious players owns one of Napa Valley’s most unique wineries, Frank Family Vineyards. In the late 80s, Rich, a long-time Disney executive, couldn’t find the time to get away for long vacations. Soon he started coming to Napa on the weekends, realizing it was only a short plane flight away from Los Angeles. In 1990, he purchased a home in the eastern hills of Napa in Rutherford.Two years later, in 1992, Rich received a midnight phone call at his home in Los Angeles from his friend Koerner Rombauer, telling him that the Kornell Champagne Cellars on the site of historic Larkmead Winery was for sale and if there was ever a time to get into the wine business it was now. Rich wisely told Koerner to offer half the asking price, and less than 24 hours later, the two were co-owners of the Calistoga winery. In 2007, Rich Frank and Connie Frank purchased Koerner’s partnership share and assumed total control of Frank Family Vineyards.


  • Current Release