ZD California Chardonnay

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Brand : ZD Wines
Region : Carneros
Vintage : Current Release
Varietal : White Wine, Chardonnay
Taste : Light Body

ZD California Chardonnay 750ml

ZD Chardonnay is set apart from most Chardonnay in the marketplace because of its distinctive style, the quality of its production, and the consistency with which it is produced. Its style is based on four elements, and each element makes an important contribution to the overall production of the final wine.

First, ZD's style is to blend Chardonnay grapes that are specially selected from California's cool, coastal growing regions. This blending process builds complexity in the wine and maintains consistency with every vintage. Second, ZD barrel ferments and ages its Chardonnay in American oak barrels. American oak offers subtle nuances that make ZD wines distinguishable and flavorful.

From the Winery: Pleasant tropical aromas of guava and pineapple mingle with lemon zest and vanilla. The richness on the palate livens the mouth with a smooth, natural acidity that lends to this well-balanced wine.


  • Current Release