Our Story

Welcome to Oritz Wine Shop and thank you for visiting us. Our online shop brings the finest wines from all regions of California and offers the best value when ordering by case volume. We hand pick and provide a wide variety of fine wine selections- from everyday table wines to premium exclusive collections.

Why California Wines? California wines are fruity, very flavorful upfront, reliable, and are consistently good. Since the 1970’s, California pioneered many wine making innovations that improved wine quality and influenced winemakers all over the world.

Benefits of shopping with us:

-Our delivery takes approximately 10 days shipped directly from California to Japan

-Air Ship to maintain product quality

-Local staff directly buys newest releases and handpicks wine selections

-Get newest wines 3-6 months earlier, no need to wait for ocean shipped wines in Japan

-We offer a full range of Omakase sets for your convenience & allows new discoveries & pleasant surprises for your palate

-Buy by the case for the BEST value

-Friendly customer service who can assist you in Japanese & English

-Yen payment only for your convenience, avoid high exchange rates, foreign transaction, and handling fees

-Wine specialists available to assist you

-If you can’t find something, contact us & we will do our best to find it for you

Our commitment is to bring California premium wines directly to your doorstep for the best value and promptly. Oritz Wine Shop is the one stop shop for all California wines.

Please feel free to inquire with any questions to contact@oritzwine.com or call us at (650) 652-7957